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What does it mean to be part of Crossover Disc Golf?  It simply means you enjoy playing disc golf and using your God-given talents and abilities the best that you are capable of doing in a positive way. 

There are 2 ways you can officially be part of Crossover Disc Golf.
#1 - Team Crossover is for the players who play more competitively and play at least 10 PDGA tournaments/events throughout the year. These players receive sponsorship in the form of entries into some Crossover events, as well as Team Crossover gear for representing Crossover Disc Golf. 

#2 - Crossover Crew is for players who might be new to the sport, more casual players, or just supporters of what we do and represent at Crossover. These players will receive a Crossover Crew tshirt and be invited to Crossover Crew only monthly events. 

Both groups are vital and important in helping make Crossover successful! If you are interested in being part of Crossover Disc Golf, please click the following link! Thanks for checking us out and remember: "Make the Crossover!"



               Team Crossover and The Crossover Crew 2021

Team Crossover 


Abner Allphin

Jeff Armstrong

Ian Collins

Gary Costa

Garrett Diemler

Alex Eyerman
Cyrus Fuhrman
Sam Hartleroad

Nick Long

Oz Mert

Josh Terwilleger

Drew Walker

Daryl Whittaker

Jeff Vandemark


Ryan Dalton

Stephen Deason

Bryan Dettmer

Jared Jones

Kevin Kuhn

Marshall Mert

Stefanie Richardson

Ethan Richardson

Michael Taylor

Cheryl Terwilleger

Kyle Terwilleger


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Founder/Director: Josh Terwilleger

Goshen, Ohio

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