Are you ready to "Make the Crossover"?

Hello, we are the Terwilleger family, and we oversee and operate Crossover Disc Golf. At this time, we recognize the growing popularity of disc golf and are wanting to be more involved with helping disc golf grow in a positive and healthy way! 

Crossover Disc Golf currently runs events, leagues, introductory lessons, and much more in the SE Indiana/SW Ohio/NKY area. Please click the "EVENTS" tab to see what we have going on. 

Are you interested in becoming part of Crossover Disc Golf? Don't worry, it isn't a cult or anything more than an association, or team, of disc golfers who play the sport and always try their best with their God-given talents/abilities. We love meeting new players and helping grow the sport of disc golf in a positive way! We try to run events that are organized and efficient, casual, and competitive. 

2021 will mark our 3rd year of Crossover. We are still doing some things trial and error, but we promise to always give our best efforts. 

Crossover is based out of Sunman, IN. We have Cedar Grove Disc Golf Course on our property as the home of Crossover. 

Please look around and we hope to see you soon at our events. We are just a guy and a girl who are living the disc golf dream!  

Make the Crossover today!               Thanks, Josh and Cheryl Terwilleger


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Founder/Director: Josh Terwilleger

Goshen, Ohio

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