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CROSSover Cup Points are awarded for performance in any Professional, Amateur, Female or Age Protected division. When a player signs up, they will choose to be in one of the following categories: Open, Masters, Ams, or Juniors. All the players will be on the same chart, but at the end of the year, the players from each category will be broken down into PDGA divisions (based on the events they played in 2019) for the CROSSover Cup Points Awards. 

1. The Points season will run from January 1st thru December 31st, 2019. 


2. Points are awarded based on placement in divisions with 10 or more players at PDGA Sanctioned C-Tier events as follows: 

a. Top 10% = 100 points

b. Top 11%-20% = 90 points

c. Top 21%-30% = 80 points

d. Top 31%-40% = 70 points

e. Top 41%-50% = 60 points

f. Top 51%-60% = 50 points

g. Top 61%-70% = 40 points

h. Top 71%-80% = 30 points

i. Top 81%-90% = 20 points

j. Top 91%-100% = 10 points 

3. Points are awarded based on placement in division with 9 or less players at PDGA Sanctioned C-Tier events as follows: 


4. PDGA Weekly League Events are scored as follows:

a. 10 points for each week participated

b. 10 points for winning your division each week (minimum of 3 people)

c. IF a division has 7 or more players, 1st gets 20 points, 2nd 15 points, 3rd 10 points


5. Bonus Points are awarded for participation in PDGA higher Tiered events as follows:

a. B Tier = +10 points

b. A Tier = +20 points

c. National Tour = +50 points

d. Major = +120 points

6. Bonus Points are awarded for winning PDGA events as follows: 

a. C Tier = +10 points

b. B Tier = +20 points

c. A Tier = +60 points

d. National Tour = +100 points

e. Major = +300 points 

7. Additional Bonus Points are awarded as follows: 

a. Compete in a higher AM division than your rating requires (per above table) = +15

b. AM rated 970 or less competing in a Pro division = +25

c. Play 3+ events in a month = +10 points

d. Every 5 PDGA events played = 20 points

8. Prizes will be given at the end of the season for the following divisions based on points standings: 

a. Youth (4) - Male <12 years old, Female <12 years old, Male 13-17 year old, Female 13-17 year old

b. Women (7) - REC, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED, OPEN, Masters 40+, 50+, 60+

c. Men (7) - REC, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED, OPEN, Masters 40+, 50+, 60+

*To be eligible to win the CROSSover Cup in the above divisions, you must have played the majority of your rounds in that PDGA division

**Youth, Women, and Masters are subject to adjustments due to lack of divisions offered in tournaments 


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